Alessia Mitchell Integrative Psychotherapy
High Barnet, EN5

Feedback from Clients

Maintaining a good working relationship between client and therapist is key to therapeutic progress and achieving desired outcomes. I conduct regular reviews to see whether our way of working is moving in the chosen direction and needs adjusting, so that clients can contribute and navigate their sessions towards their own goals. Finally, I also have a review in our ending session, so that you can provide feedback on my way of working and think about what you are taking away from the counselling experience for yourself.

Client Feedback:

"I am extremely glad I started counselling with you. I feel like I have learned a lot about myself in the process of trying to get better and manage my thoughts and feelings."

"It was a good experience on the whole and did help me to gain some much needed perspective."

"My panic attacks decreased. I'm more accepting that it is ok to feel my emotions and I don't have to put myself in/stay in situations that upset me."
"I am much better at saying no to things (and not feeling guilty about it) that do not serve me and putting in boundaries to protect myself. I have a better sense of how my feelings impact upon my physical self and how my mind and body are more connected than I realised."



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